Candella beta

Level up your Candella install

Core services provide extra functionality to any Candella installation, ranging from custom desktop shells to other services that enhance gameplay for any Ren'Py visual novel project. Take a look at what services are available in this growing list.

core service

Screenshot of Roland Boot Manager

Roland Boot Manager

A modular bootloader for Candella.

MPL-2.0 21.04-beta3-rbm

core service

Screenshot of Celeste Shell

Celeste Shell

A desktop shell for the rest of us

MPL-2.0 21.04-beta3-cs

core service

Thorax Setup Assistant

A modular setup assistant for Candella.

MPL-2.0 21.04-beta3.post1

core service

Candella Accounts Service

Manage multiple user accounts via the Multiuser framework.

MPL-2.0 21.04-beta3

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