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Candella AppDB Terms of Service

Revised 30 April 2021

The Candella AppDB is a service designed to help promote the latest and greatest projects for the Candella operating framework in a space that Candella users and other visual novel developers can trust. This document outlines the basic terms and conditions for using the Candella AppDB.


  • You: refers to you, the end user or developer using the service.
  • The curator team: refers to the Candella AppDB development team, as they will curate the primary instance of Candella AppDB at
  • Project: refers to an app, core service, or framework being published and distributed through the AppDB.

Terms of service

  • Write respectful reviews. You have the ability to help inform other Candella users and visual novel developers about the Projects that are distributed in the Candella AppDB by writing reviews. Please, remember the person and write reviews that will provide enough information to Candella users and visual novel developers to make informed decisions without attacking the developers or The curator team.
  • Obey the Project guidelines. The curator team wants to ensure that the Projects featured in the AppDB meet certain criteria and guidelines that ensure the safety, privacy, and security of its users. All projects uploaded must adhere to the guidelines to help achieve this.

Project guidelines

1. Honest and Accurate Descriptions

  • a. All fields in the Basic information section of Projects must be honest and accurately reflect the Project being uploaded.

  • b. All screenshots and iconography being linked with a Project must accurately reflect the Project being uploaded. Links to profane or inappropriate content will not be tolerated.

  • c. Projects must properly declare the Candella system permissions they require in the Project permissions section of their page.

  • d. Release notes and download links for available versions of a Project must accurately represent the changes made to that version, and the download link must link to a valid Candella project that matches the descriptions as outlined in Guideline 1a.

  • e. The software license for a Project must be properly declared, and the appropriate license must be provided with the downloadable package of a Project.

2. Security Protocols

  • a. Projects that declare certain system permissions as defined in Guideline 1c must not purposefully avoid the security mechanisms put in place by the Candella system to gain access to the permissions listed.

    • i. Likewise, projects that declare these permissions must provide suitable alternatives and respect the user's requests when being granted or denied access to parts of their Candella system.
  • b. Projects must not tamper with the Candella system or the host operating system in an unauthorized manner.

  • c. Project must not perform actions that aren't accurately described in the descriptions as defined in Guidelines 1a and 1c.

3. Project Completeness

a. The Project must be able to function properly without any crashes to the Candella system, visual novel game implementing Candella, and/or the host operating system.

b. Projects must give feedback indicating if they have launched or closed successfully.

c. Projects must be able to function against the latest version of Candella or provide a disclaimer in the description as defined in Guideline 1a regarding the versions of Candella the project fully supports.

When these terms are violated

Each account will be warned and flagged on a three-strike system:

  • The first offense will result in a warning from The curator team.
  • The second offense will result in a warning and temporary deactivation of Your account.
  • The third offense will result in account termination.

The curator team will provide a thorough explanation in their warning and correspondence as to the offense committed.

For developers, if the Project guidelines are violated and The curator team deems these violations as accidental, only warnings will be issued, and the latest release will be rejected. Likewise, if The curator team deems that the violations were purely intentional, the three-strike system applies in its entirety, and The curator team will take action as necessary.

Changes to terms and questions

The curator team will update the terms of service as necessary and will inform You of the changes in a transparent manner.

If You have questions or need clarification about the terms of service, contact The curator team by following the instructions on the Candella AppDB website.