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Candella AppDB Privacy Policy

The Candella team takes privacy seriously and has built privacy-respecting features into AppDB because that's what we, the team, would want. This document covers any data that we collect, why it's collected, and how to opt out or manage this data.

What is collected

To make Candella AppDB work for everybody, we collect the following data:

  • Basic GitHub details: User/display name, email address, and GitHub ID.

Why this data is collected

  • Basic GitHub details: We've opted to create a seamless authentication experience with GitHub in order to make logins as transparent as possible without having to remember another password. To make this authentication work, we need to collect basic data about your GitHub account to verify that you are the one signing in and whether you have an account in our database.

How to opt out

  • Basic GitHub details: You can delete your account on the AppDB and revoke the access token in your GitHub OAuth settings at